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ForestKatz is a small cattery located along the upper Gulf Coast Region of Texas. We breed Norwegian Forest Cats, but other fur kids do share our home as well. We are small in numbers with currently one male, and four breeding female Wegies as they are affectionately called by most. Our breeding program from the ground up has been developed with an emphasis on continuing and maintaining the excellence in breed health, type, and temperament, as all are just as important in the home, as they are in the show hall. We strive for quality in our breeding program over quantity, which in turn limits the number of litters we will have in any given year’s time.

Hi, I’m Donna, and along with my husband Jim and our two sons, we are ForestKatz. I’ve had a love for animals since I was a small child, having raised cats, dogs, birds and horses. Jim grew up with mostly dogs as a child, so a furry fluffy four-legged kid running around the house took him a little getting used to. But, he has now seen the light and has joined me whole-heartedly in this passion of ours! Our sons have  grown up into fine young men who have a love for animals, so we know we did at least something right! They have attended many shows with us, doing things like stewarding, clerking, and also showing our Wegies. We recently have been blessed with a beautiful young Granddaughter Kristina who will one day be showing her own little Wegie in the show halls along with us! It has definitely turned into a family affair! A family passion!

ForestKatz is a registered cattery with TICA, ACFA, and CFA. We tend to show only in TICA, as we are members of three different clubs in that association. Jim holds a board position on two of the clubs, and I'm also a board member of one of the clubs. See, he really has seen the light! Jim and I have now finished up our requirements and passed the "Test" to apply to enter into the Judges Training of TICA. January, we go up before the TICA Board of Directors for acceptance into the program so paws crossed!! If you would like more information on the ForestKatz Crew, and how they are doing in the show rings along with any upcoming show news please visit our Show News page.

Thank you for visiting our site, and please feel free to email us or stop by at any show we may be attending to ask any questions, or just say howdy!


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