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26 August, 2009

Lucy had her Anniversary Litter!!

21 October, 2008

Cyra had her Minnows Litter!!

24 July, 2008

Tori had her Hurricane Litter!

16 December, 2007

Added six week photos of Berit's Angel's to the Kittens page.

Added new pictures of Dorie, Chirpa, and Basia to their pages.

6 November, 2007

See Berit's Angels on the Kittens page.

Updated the Links page.

1 November, 2007

Berit's had her babies!! New Angel's Litter page will be coming soon!!

18 October, 2007

Two & a half month pictures of The Forest Moon of Endor Litter are on the Kittens page.

17 September, 2007

New pictures of The Forest Moon of Endor Litter are on the Kittens page.

Added our new baby girl, Cyra, to the Wegies page.

Added a new picture of Tori to her page.

5 August, 2007

We have kittens! Check out the Kittens page to meet the Forest Moon of Endor litter.

5 April, 2007

Added a page for Sam with new pictures of him.

13 February, 2007  

Added pages for Berit and Treat with new pictures of them.

14 October, 2006

Kittens available!

3 July, 2006

Tori and Guri's babies are here! See their first picture on the Kittens page.

24 May, 2006

We're expecting! See the Kittens page for our happy news!

23 May, 2006

Welcome to the World Wide Web, Jim & Donna!

Watch for more pages and updates over the next week or so as we build ForestKatz's home on the Internet.


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