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RW QGC/CH HattKatts Guri of ForestKatz

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

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Red Classic Tabby & White
DOB 12/04/2004


2005-2006 TICA International # 4 Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 14 Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 15 LH Cat
2005-2006 CFA Gulf Shores Region # 2 BOB NFC Cat

Guri, or “G Baby” as he’s called at home, is without question the King of ForestKatz. Guri came to us in May of 2005 as our foundation male. Starting out, we wanted to be sure that the male we chose for our cattery would be the best possible sire we could find. Boy did we find him! Guri has lived up to all his stunning beauty as evident in his photos, and carried it on into the show halls. Numerous Best Cat rosettes line the walls of our home from shows he attended during his show career. All Guri needs to complete his career is one more Best, so he can achieve his Supreme title. Maybe one year he might show up at a hall somewhere to grab that last feather in his cap, as evident from above he had an absolutely fantastic year! We couldn’t be any more proud of him, and look forward to all his offspring entering the show halls in the coming years to carry on his name!

Of course, we would never have had the opportunity to be blessed with this Stunning Red Man, if it wasn’t for Pete Meisinger and Donna Lawry of HattKatts! Thank you so much you two for giving us the chance to know and love this little boy of yours!! We’ll always have a special place in our hearts for you both!




IW RW SGC ForestKatz McAllen

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Brown Mackerel Tabby & White 

DOB 7/24/2008

2008-2009 TICA International # 3 Allbreed Kitten
2008-2009 TICA International # 1 Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
2009-20097 TICA South Central Region Best Kitten
2008-2009 TICA South Central Region # 20 Cat




RW QGC LostWoods Torianna of ForestKatz

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

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Brown Mackerel Torbie & White
DOB 6/29/2005


2005-2006 TICA International # 1 Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
2005-2006 TICA International # 26 Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 4 Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 12 LH Cat

Let us introduce you to the Queen of ForestKatz! “Little Stink” as she is known through out the show halls, blessed our cattery with her presence in October of 2005. Tori then proceeded to make her grand entrance into the show rings during a Thanksgiving weekend show, and no one but Tori had any idea of where this little kitten was headed! She had one of those years that a breeder can only dream of, and she did nothing but continue to amaze us show after show. She finished her kitten campaign as the Best NFC Kitten in all of TICA, and the 26th Best Kitten in all breeds combined!! Just like Guri, the only thing Tori needs to finish off her career, is one more Best and she’ll also be a Supreme! Tori was able to accomplish all her titles as an Adult in only 4 shows, at the end of the year as a 8 month old cat going up against 3 of the top international cats at all 4 of the shows. Wow!!

Torianna is a Rocky Mountain girl, as she was the gift of Lisa Vasa of LostWoods Cattery in Colorado, who has since moved her whole empire to Montana. Lisa and her dear friend Brenda Mosal are Tori’s breeders. Now how in the world, are we ever going to thank these two ladies for letting us adopt Lil Stink, we just don’t know!! I think maybe a Lil Baby Stink some time in the future may be a good start!! Lisa, we’ve leaned on you for advice many times over the years, and don’t for a minute think you're out of the Woods now that she’s grown into the Diva she is! We love you ladies, and can never thank you enough!!!


RW SGC NorseStar Berit of ForestKatz

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

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Brown Classic Tabby & White
DOB 03/06/2006


2006-2007 TICA South Central Region # 10 LH Cat

2006-2007 TICA South Central Region # 29 Cat

2006-2007 TICA Intl # 2 Best of Color NFC Cat


After a very long wait of many many months, ForestKatz was able to welcome into our small Kingdom in August of 2006 the Little Princess, NorseStar Berit of ForestKatz! Berit is the gift of Margie & Scott Nelson's NorseStar Cattery in the Chicago area. Jim and I had been waiting a long time for this little girl, as our first discussions with Margie took place close to a year ago. This is one special little lady as not only is she gorgeous, but she has a very prestigious Pedigree to go along with those looks!  Margie's NorseStar Trixie is Berit's Mom and the very well known NorseStar Loki is her Grandfather. Berit's Dad is the very handsome Sweeson's Arwak from France who is out of the world renowned Flying Dutchman av Kiruna from Switzerland.  We are so looking forward to the future breeding of Guri and Berit, and the babies they will one day have! Berit was only able to be shown a few times as a kitten before she turned eight months old and began her show career in the TICA Championship category. How did she do? Berit rewarded our cattery with the first Supreme title in March of 2007 at a TICA show in Louisiana!!

We can never thank Margie & Scott enough for blessing us with this Precious Little Princess, and we can only hope to carry on the beautiful look that they have worked so hard to acquire in their cattery over the years and blend it into ours!


LA IW RW SGCA ForestKatz Treat

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

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Brown Classic Tabby & White
DOB 07/03/2006


2006-2007 TICA International # 9 Allbreed Kitten
2006-2007 TICA International # 1 Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
2006-2007 TICA South Central Region Best Kitten
2006-2007 TICA South Central Region # 13 Alter Class

2007-2008 TICA International #17 Alter Class


Our baby boy Treat from our first breeding in July of 2006 has just finished charming his way throughout the show halls of the U.S. in the TICA Kitten Class and continued on the winning tradition of his Mother Tori and Father Guri! Treat then entered the Alter class and proceeded to earn ForestKatz it's second Supreme title in April of 2007!!  

Well, what a season Treat had! Treat has carried on where Tori and Guri stopped, by earning ForestKatz our first International Winner!! Treat also was able to earn the title of Best Kitten 2006/2007 in the South Central Region of TICA! Treat will be shown this year in the Alter Class again and will now be chasing down his Lifetime Achievement award!! If you get a chance, stop by and see this wonderful boy at a show this year!

Update!!! The 2008 season is over and Treat has now earned the title of Lifetime Achievement Winner, and is only the third NFC to ever earn this award in TICA, and the first to do it in only two years!!




 RW QGC LostWoods Cyra of ForestKatz

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Brown Classic Torbie & White
DOB 05/20/2007

The little Princess that stole the King's heart! Guri, the King of ForestKatz has welcomed into his Kingdom in September of 2007 this little Princess from the North Woods of Montana! LostWoods Cyra of ForestKatz has come to join the other fair maidens to live in the Forest with Guri. From the moment we first saw Cyra's picture as a month old kitten we all fell in love with this little Lady! Cyra, or "Fish" as she called because of her love for bathtubs full of water, will be allowed to show herself off to everyone in the Show Halls for the next year before settling down to have little Minnows with Guri. Yes, once again we have reached back to Lisa Vasa of LostWoods to pull out a little more of that magic that comes when we match up a LostWoods girl with our boy Guri. Thank you again Lisa and Ken for allowing us to love this little one of yours, and giving her the chance to be the next Shining Star in the Kingdom of ForestKatz!!


GCH Ouijakatz Venus of ForestKatz

(Click on Lucy's picture to see more photos)

Red Classic Tabby & White
DOB 07/02/2007


Ouijakatz Venus of ForestKatz or Lucy, as she is know at home, is the first girl of our breeding to reside at ForestKatz. Lucy's Dad is Guri, and her Mom is Galaxy from the Ouijakatz cattery. Lucy was born July of 2007 and will show herself off in the TICA Kitten class and then Championship class this show year. She is her Daddy in color and pattern and is just plain gorgeous.



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