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RW SGC Hojpoj Sarah of BonSiKatz

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2006-2007 TICA International # 3 Siamese Cat
2006-2007 TICA South Central Region # 9 Cat
2006-2007 TICA South Central Region # 5 SH Cat

Sarah is one of the latest additions to the family. No, she's not a Wegie, but they all got together and voted to make her an Honorary Shorthair Wegie! Budah, as she's known at home, was adopted by the family because Jim fell head over heels for her at a show. He was helping a friend out who couldn't show Budah that first day, and she stole his heart! By Saturday evening, he was asking the breeder and myself if he could take her home! So April of 2006, HojPoj Sarah of BonSiKatz, who is a Seal Point and White Siamese, came to live with the rest of the crew! Sarah was able to show in the Kitten class this year, but only a few shows. She will now start showing as an adult this show year, so watch out as she's ready to become the next star in the family! Sarah is the gift of Toni Jones of HojPoj Cattery in San Antonio Texas. Toni and her husband Brad are dear friends that have also taken a couple of "Newbies" under their wings the last couple of years, and have helped us more times than we can count! Thank you Toni, as you know Budah will be spoiled rotten!!

RW SGM Vincent van Go

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Vincent van Go! Since we have a King, Queen, and Princess let us introduce you to the jester of the Kingdom, Vinny! Our little Vinny is one of those kitties who steals everyone's heart once your paths have crossed! Vinny is an F3 Generation Savannah Cat, that we fell in love with at the young age of 3 weeks. Attending the Regional Show in OKC a couple of years ago, we heard that someone had brought a couple of Savannah Cats to be shown. I went searching, as I had heard about these magnificent cats, and wanted to see one in person. Well, the owner wasn't able to bring the adults she had planned on showing, but she asked me if I wanted to see a little baby. After a short walk to her room, as she was having to bottle feed this kitten every hour or so, she showed me this little boy the size of one palm. This little guy had lost both ears, but was not missing any personality even at that young of an age! The breeder explained that he was one of those unfortunate things that happen in a breeding program sometimes, as he was a singleton, and the mother was overzealous in her cleaning him at birth. I was overcome by this little man, and the awesome personality he showed. The breeder explained she was looking for a home for this little guy, and would I be interested!! Well, I went and found Jim, we talked for two minutes, he went to see the baby boy, and the rest is history! Vincent van Go came to share his life with us in October of 2004. He is from Lorre Smith and her cattery of Afrikhan Savannah's. Vinny has attended shows around the country for two years now, and has a large fan club! In his two years of showing, he has collected 3 Regional Wins in the Household Pet Division! This is the one who's in the window watching you leave every morning, and at the door waiting when you come home at night. We could never imagine life in our home now without the Little Vinny Man! Thank you Lorre, for a kitten like no other!!  

DGC Gilly

Our Ragdoll DGC KachinaDolls Gil2 of OHeavenlyDolls, Gilly as he's called at home, is the cat that started us out in the show halls! Rags, our first Ragdoll and love of my life for seven short years had crossed over "The Rainbow Bridge" earlier in the year. We started a search for his breeder, but never found her. However, we did find a breeder in College Station Texas who told me one night on the phone she just might have someone I would be interested in. So on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in June of 2004 into our lives arrived Gilly, a Seal Lynx Bi-Color from Laura Wilson of O' Heavenly Dolls! Laura helped us get our feet wet in the show halls over the next few months, and gave us numerous tips on grooming and showing that we still practice today with our Wegies. Laura and her husband Darryl have remained our dear friends whom we still see frequently. Even though we no longer show Ragdolls, they still hold a very special place in our hearts, and our home will always be blessed by the presence of one! Gilly currently resides not far away at Grandma's house, where he is spoiled rotten like all good retired show kitties should be!! 


Our younger Ragdoll, GCA MewsicalDolls Bobos Blues adopted us in July of 2004. Bobo, a blue bi-color,  came to live with us as a pet only with no intention to show and someone who we thought could keep Gilly company at home and at the show halls. Well, as what has become a habit around here, Bobo had other ideas! We entered him in a couple of shows, had to find something for Jim to do, and the little charmer turned it on and did fairly well as a Kitten earning a third BOB, and a second BOB in the Alter Class! Bobo is from a local Ragdoll breeder here in Spring, Nancy Whitehurst. Bobo is now also living the good life of a retired show kitty here at our cattery. He is a constant companion that is never far from me in the house!

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